Islamization of Egypt & End of Egyptian Christianity – Samuel Tadros

Eastern Catholics & the New Evangelization – J. Andrew Deane, POSE

Prayer & Martyrdom are Mightier than the Sword – Chr. B. Warner

Russian Orthodox Funeral Liturgy – Mary Jane Ballou, The Chant Café

Orthodox Church in Antarctica: Priests Available Year Round – Atlas. . .

Against Contemporary Iconoclasm – John R. P. Russell, Blog of the. . .

Syrian Christians Targeted by Outsiders, Says Bishop – Judith Sudilovsky

St. John the New Martyr of Vrachori, Former Muslim – J. Sanidopoulos

Four Steps in the Jesus Prayer – Handmaid Leah, Christ is in Our Midst!

Pray Continually? – Phillip Rolfes, The Master Beadsman

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